Hello, this is

Shaun de Jager

Road Safety Specialist | Instructor & Coach | Business Consultant

Who is he?

A Coach, Consultant, Road Safety Specialist, and Instructor

Shaun was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and has a very diverse background. He's held many roles in life including with the military, business management, logistics, technical support, racing, instructing and coaching, and more. He's also a cancer survivor, and he considers himself very fortunate to have grown from all the challenges life has sent his way. He's been involved in motorsports for over 20 years and has been an instructor and road safety specialist for nearly as long. He's also been an avid photographer his whole life, loves travel and has a sense of adventure. He's also quite fond of archery, cars, motorcycles, and remote controlled vehicles. Whatever he does, he does it with passion.

My Expertise

Road Safety Specialist

Specialist in road safety, rules & regulations, and vehicle & road design.

Driving Coach & Instructor

Advanced driver training for average drivers, police, and military. And coach for racing drivers.

Team Consultant

Managment & logistics consultant, and team developmer for businesses.


Action and aerial photographer.