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Advanced Car Control School

Driver training - Slalom course

This Car Control School is for Everyone Who Drives

This course is designed for ALL drivers and will take you well beyond the defensive driver training that other courses offer to the highest level of safe driving.

We train members of the general public, corporations, groups and car club enthusiasts.

This full day course (8am to 5pm) consists of easy going classroom sessions alternating with driving exercises throughout the day to allow each student to put into practice new information gleaned from the classroom.

The Classroom Session will dispel many myths and misconceptions regarding driving technique and vehicle knowledge and maintenance.  From the correct way to use all the controls, mirror positioning, vision training, processing information, driver psychology to our unique ProActive Driving, you will be surprised at how much there is to know about driving. We’ll also explain ABS brakes, emergency braking, tires, skid recovery and much more in these friendly classroom sessions.

Courses are held in Ontario in the Greater Toronto Area in Brampton.