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Driver Rehabilitation Services

Medical conditions, disabilities, medications, or age may impact the mental and physical abilities required to drive safely. We are sensitive to an individual’s privilege to drive, and recognize the benefits and freedoms associated with a driver’s license.

Our expert approach provides service to clients with disabilities and special needs to help them achieve or maintain their driving independence.

Who needs our services

  • People who have experienced an injury or illness that is affecting their ability to drive
  • Drivers whose license is medically suspended or under review by a doctor or the Ministry of Transportation
  • People with dementia who may be unsafe to drive
  • Aging drivers who, due to medical conditions or medications, would like to ensure that they continue to be safe to drive
  • People who have driving anxiety, phobias and stress issues related to driving or riding in a vehicle.
  • New learners who cannot obtain a driver’s license through conventional driver education programs, perhaps because they need a modified steering wheel or require special instruction

Our services

  • Driver or passenger assessments
  • Driver training to enable clients to:
    – learn how to use driving controls or modified vehicles
    – overcome driving or passenger anxiety
    – prepare for Ministry of Transportation road test
    – become a new driver
    – refresh and retrain driving skills
  • Perform independent driving assessments and road evaluations for clients with cognitive or physical impairments

How to access our services

  1. Contact us to make an appointment or obtain more information. Clients will be asked to complete a Referral Form. Individuals, doctors, family members, insurance professionals or other healthcare specialists can complete the referral form.
  2. The client’s doctor or specialist may need to complete a Medical Update Form.
  3. If medically indicated by a doctor, arrange to have an Optometrist or Ophthalmologist complete a vision report.
  4. Ensure all forms are forwarded to us.
  5. On the day of the assessment, clients should bring their driver’s license, glasses (if required) and any Ministry of Transportation letters related to driving.

A typical initial assessment – What to expect
A Certified Driving Instructor will take the client out for a one (1) hour on-road evaluation.

Following the assessment, the outcome and recommendations will be discussed with the client and summarized in a clear, concise manor, which is sent to the client, referring physician and, if needed your occupational therapist.

Additional services are available for clients who require remedial training to drive or to prepare for a Ministry of Transportation road test. These will be arranged at a convenient time and location.