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Elderly and Senior Driver Evaluations

Unfortunately we can’t stop the affects of aging and there comes a time in everyone’s life when they have to hang up their keys and stop driving. Sometimes the choice is made for us medically but sometimes the family needs to step in.

This is a very difficult conversation to have and it can sometimes get you written out of the Will and can tear families apart. While your concern may be solely for the safety of the elderly family member (and others on the road), they may push back and believe you’re trying to take away their independence.

That’s where I come in as an independent third party. As an Advanced Driving Instructor and Road Safety Specialist…let me determine if they should stop driving and let me be the bad guy. From there a family decision needs to be made.

When should you start having this discussion in the family?

  • Noticing some new dents on their car?
  • Have Police Officers had a chat with them about their driving in the last year? Any tickets?
  • Any collisions in the last year? Yes…it still counts if it was in a parking lot or in their driveway.
  • Any surgeries in the last couple years, changes in medical condition, or vision?
  • Are you scared to let them drive your kids around?

In 2014 I was asked to do a couple Elderly Evaluations for the National Post Driving.ca. If you’ve read this  far…you should read this also: “Seniors surprised by own bad habits after driving re-evaluation”. (click here)

Evaluations can be done throughout the Greater Toronto Area.