The Bigger Picture for Safer Driving | Shaun de Jager Driver Training

The Bigger Picture for Safer Driving

Regardless of how long you’ve been driving, there is always more to learn and ways to be a safer driver and survive our dangerous roadways. Driving fully aware and in control is what really counts! These sessions are done on public roads (in your own car since that’s what you will drive most often).


Learn how to:
• Be certain your vehicle is perfectly centered in your lane.
• Find hidden hazards and poorly placed road signs in “the big picture.”
• Identify parked-vehicle dangers and intersection hazards instantly.
• Determine whether you’re on a one-way street even if you’ve missed the signs.
• Read other drivers’ intentions, especially when they fail to signal.
• Plan an effective life-saving Escape Path in any developing situation.


Learn how to:
• Estimate time and space you (and others) need to safely maneuver in traffic.
• Allow adequate clearance on narrow streets.
• Assess how close you are to the curb in any vehicle…every time you pull over.
• Choose safe entry speeds for turns and curves.
• Use mirrors to judge safe openings when changing lanes in heavy traffic.
• Safely share the road with cyclists and large vehicles.
• Establish and maintain appropriate speeds according to driving conditions.


Learn how to:
• Simplify decision-making and reduce stress in any driving situation.
• Know who has right of way in even the most complex situations.
• Accurately predict what other drivers will do.
• Make your intentions crystal clear.
• Prevent intruders from closing your driving space.
• Develop interactive skills to avoid misunderstandings.
• Avoid confusion by knowing when to assert your right-of-way.


Learn how to:
• Stop your vehicle with limousine-like finesse.
• Time your acceleration for more stability when cornering.
• Use your vision to track turns like an expert.
• Turn with confidence at busy, multi-lane intersections.
• Simplify corners when turning with bus bays.
• Use “body language” to better communicate with other road users. Note: Extending ones middle finger is not an appropriate use of body language. Although it does express a certain sentiment, it can easily lead to road rage.
• Avoid conflicts when driving and using parking lots.
• Handle streetcar tracks and islands.
• Maneuver smoothly onto and off of freeways.
• Strategically position your vehicle to guarantee maximum awareness of every traffic situation and potential driving danger.