Track School | Shaun de Jager Driver Training

Track School

Our Track School course is an excellent introduction to the world of high performance driving. We will show you the skills and techniques required to be competitive in competitions such as Solo I,  Solosprint, Lapping Days or Road Racing. Your instructors are all experienced in the sport of Solo I (Solosprint) or Racing including your Chief Instructor who is a multi-time Ontario Solo I Champion, race winner in the Ontario GT Sprints and Canadian Touring Car Championships.

To lap a race track safely and competitively requires skill and technique. Even if you are only interested in Lapping Days at certain tracks, knowing what you are doing can save you from injury, crashes and embarrassment. Lapping Days can be a lot of fun when you understand how to do it properly. Just showing up for a Lapping Day and expecting to run well and be safe is like jumping into a deep pool. You better know what you are doing.

THIS COURSE TEACHES RACING TECHNIQUES required to compete with the best in Solo I (Solo Sprint) or Race competitions. It is technique that will make you a faster driver and not simply purchasing the latest in performance equipment for your car. We will help you understand and develop technique as well as how to prepare both you and your car for competition.