Winter Car Control School – Advanced Driver Training on Snow & Ice | Shaun de Jager Driver Training

Winter Car Control School – Advanced Driver Training on Snow & Ice

This course is designed for ALL drivers and will take you well beyond the defensive driver training that other courses offer to the highest level of safe driving – Pro-Active Driving.

Very few defensive driver training courses will take you onto real ice and snow so you can experience and learn what to do in limited traction conditions, in your own vehicle.  It is not safe to learn by trial and error on real roads with real traffic.  Winter driving involves unique techniques to deal with unique driving conditions. Don’t leave your winter driving education to trial and error with lives at stake.

This full day course (8am to 4:30 pm) consists of easy going  classroom sessions and driving exercises designed to allow each student to advance their skills and knowledge.

The Classroom Session will dispel many myths and misconceptions regarding winter driving technique as well as vehicle knowledge, the best tires for you and maintenance.  Utilizing our unique Pro-Active Driving methodology we will explore the correct way to use all the controls, mirror positioning, vision training, processing information, and driver psychology.   We’ll teach you the secrets to prepare for winter driving and how to read road conditions.  You will learn not only how to avoid skids, but also how to recover from a skid – in your own vehicle.  We’ll also explain ABS brakes, Automatic traction Control, emergency braking, tire grip limits, skid recovery and much more in these friendly classroom sessions.

The Driving Exercises are all designed to help you learn how to control your vehicle and to understand how it will react in emergency situations while developing new and important life saving driving skills.  You will experience our Skid Pad, Slalom, Emergency Braking, Collision Avoidance and Emergency Lane Change driving exercises all with one of our highly experienced instructors sitting with you to guide you and give you instant feedback.

The driving exercises are all done in your own vehicle so you can experience exactly how your personal vehicle will react on ice and snow. Different vehicles all react differently to driver inputs. If you drive a front wheel drive vehicle you will gain the most by learning in that same front wheel drive vehicle.

You will learn to maintain or regain control of your vehicle while driving on real ice and snow.

NOTE: All driving exercises are done on solid ground – not a lake – in Minden, Ontario.