First Impressions of the BMW 1M

Every once in a while a car comes on to the market that just brings a huge smile to your face. The BMW 1M is just such a car. Some may not like the styling but I do. It’s not an overly large car, in fact it’s not a whole lot larger than a MINI but unlike the MINI, it actually has a pretty sizable truck and the rear passenger seats are actually usable also.

The car is about $60,000 and that really is a lot of money for such a small car. However, what you get for that money is one action packed coupe with a 335bhp, 6-cylinder turbo engine with enough acceleration that can take you from 0km/hr to jail in about six seconds. Believe me when I say that this little coupe deserves some serious respect and in nearly every way it out performs it’s bigger brother the M3. It’s also about $13,000 cheaper and has more rear passenger space so it really is worth looking at if you’re in the market for a new sports car.

I recently had the pleasure of driving this little power house on a track where I could really open it up. I must say…What a blast! See the video below.

It’s simple, elegant, functional (even practical) and finally BMW gives us a new car that doesn’t require an engineering degree to figure out how to use it. Just push the button to turn it on and drive away! To liven up the experience, it’s just a matter of pressing a couple buttons to turn off the traction/stability controls and engage M-mode (the ‘M’ may as well stand for ‘Madness’). I must warn you though…if you turn on the M-mode and turn off the traction/stability controls…you better have fast hands and know what you’re doing because this ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ has one hell of a bite. Although it’s a very easy car to drive, you could quickly find yourself in a ditch thinking to yourself “I should have left the traction/stability controls on”.


Edit: Turns out the BMW 1M stopped being produced in June of 2012. Considering the limited production of only 6309 units sold worldwide, this could very well be a collector piece.

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