Elderly Drivers and driving is a growing concern

Aging is one of those things that we simply can’t avoid (unless we die young). As we age, we are presented with challenges that we never had to deal with before and as drivers, those challenges can seriously affect our ability to drive safely. Poor vision, slower reflexes, slower and poor reasoning skills and dementia.

I do a lot of work with seniors and it’s usually a family member who contacts me to discuss the driving of an elderly person in the family who’s driving is becoming a concern. I will do a driving evaluation with the person and explain to them areas of their driving that requires improvement, and then provide some remedial training. Other times though, I have to recommend that they hang up their keys and I have that discussion with them and their family. I become the ‘bad guy’ and that’s okay because eases the stress within the family.

Join me on The Zoomer as we discuss some of these issues and perhaps how to address them.

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