Shaun de Jager

Advanced Driver Training and Instruction to make us all safer on the road.

NOTICE: Please be advised that due to a personal fight with Cancer, I will no longer be offering in-car, one-on-one instructing or driver assessments/evaluations. I will be restricting my work to remote consultations only.  -Shaun de Jager

Shaun de Jager isn’t your run-of-the-mill driving instructor. Shaun is dedicated to making our roads safer through advanced driver training and education. He is a road safety specialist, public speaker and tireless campaigner on issues that effect safety on our roads including, but not limited to, legislation, vehicle design and driver licensing. Shaun is frequently consulted for his opinion by other road safety experts, other driving instructors & schools, police departments, and the media on the dangers faced on our roadways by all road users alike.

Shaun’s varied driving experience demonstrates a level of skill and knowledge far beyond that of the average instructor or road safety specialist. As an award winning racecar driver with extensive competition training, skid pad, advanced emergency maneuvers and tactical driving experience, Shaun has filled leadership roles for AUDI, Lamborghini, BMW, MotoAmore and other advanced driving schools like the ILR CarControlSchool. Who does he teach? Pretty much everyone from the newer driver all the way up to race car drivers. He has also trained government employees, police officers, security guards, professional drivers and also other instructors.

His Philosophy

Shaun is committed to assisting all his clients regardless of their experience, knowledge, physical or medical limitations. He provides a wide range of specialized services which fulfill the needs of newer drivers, rehabilitating drivers and drivers who are adjusting to the physical and cognitive changes associated with aging that challenge their ability to drive safely, which may threaten their ability to maintain their license. Shaun provides driver training in your own vehicle (whether it’s automatic or manual transmission), using state of the art and innovative technology. No matter what type of car you drive, the full enjoyment of your vehicle depends on the confidence and control you feel while you’re behind the wheel and is an integral part of your driving freedom and independence. He believes that each client is an individual with specific learning needs and abilities and he will work with you to develop an individualized learning plan that is tailored to your specific needs.

Mastery of your driving skills goes well beyond the DOs and DON’Ts. With Shaun de Jager, you will gain real proficiency by learning the WHYs and HOWs of driving and he specializes on teaching the rewarding art of driving.

  1. Vehicle Control – Learn the procedures, vehicle dynamics and cornering dynamics to really capitalize on the advantages of manual shift driving. You’ll learn preventative skills as well as the control techniques to increase traction on slippery roads, especially during emergencies.
  2. Simplicity – Because of increased driving speeds and pressures, today’s driver is constantly confronted with situations that require their full attention and proficiency. Shaun has developed  efficient ways  to handle any driving situation so that you can respond with skill and safety.
  3. Rehabilitation – Medical conditions, disabilities, medications, or age may impact the mental and physical abilities required to drive safely. Shaun is sensitive to an individual’s privilege to drive, and recognizes the benefits and freedoms associated with a driver’s license. His expert approach provides service to clients with disabilities and special needs to help them achieve, or maintain their driving independence.
  4. Saving Money – You’ll learn to drive your vehicle the way it was engineered to be driven. In the process, you will drastically reduce its depreciation and add years to its life. What’s more, you’ll save even more money by reducing fuel consumption and unnecessary repairs to major components such as engines, clutches, gear boxes, tires, and suspensions. An individualized learning plan will ensure that you only pay for the instruction you need to reach your goals.
  5. Peace of mind– You will become a more competent driver without increasing your anxiety level, you may actually find you are less anxious.  Whether you’re taking a pleasure drive on a quiet country road or driving slippery streets during rush hour traffic, you will be better prepared and more in control of your vehicle. Regardless of how much (or how little) previous experience you have with driving a vehicle, you’ll learn how to drive your vehicle more effectively and efficiently than you ever thought possible.

All lessons are private and held one-on-one. You can also participate in an advanced skill training through Shaun’s affiliated partner programs, which are done in a group format. Group sessions are held in Ontario in the Greater Toronto Area, Brampton, and Minden.

“There is no excuse for paying anything less than 100% attention to the task of driving”
-Shaun de Jager

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