Programs and Services

As a highly qualified instructor, Shaun can show you how to get the most out of your own vehicle (since that’s your daily driver) and how to become a truly safe driver. Being a good skilled driver means much more than just being able to recover from a skid but far more so…how to avoid them altogether.

You’ll receive private one-on-one coaching, and proceed at your own pace. Sessions are 1-2hrs long and can be done weekdays, evenings, or even weekends!

Convenient meeting points can be arranged, however extra charges may apply for sessions outside the Greater Toronto Area.

See below for advanced driver training and instruction

1) Upgrading Your Driving Skills:

  • Driver’s License Preparation Intensive – Prepare yourself for the real world.  Exceeds ALL licensing requirements.
  • The Bigger Picture for Safer Driving – The ultimate in being a safe driver learned and tested in the real world. Newer drivers learn what it takes to survive our roads and experienced drivers learn to recognize their bad driving habits and how to correct them.
  • Country Roads – Each year, approximately  50% of all traffic fatalities occur on undivided roads outside of urban areas. Learn how to be safer on your country cruise or drive to the cottage.

2) Driver Rehabilitation

  • Physical Limitations – People who have experienced an injury, illness or are recovering from surgery which is affecting their ability to drive.
  • Medical Suspensions – Where your license has been medically suspended or under review by a doctor or the Ministry of Transportation.
  • Aging Drivers – For aging drivers who, due to medical conditions, medications, or who may be experiencing the onset of dementia, would like to ensure that they continue to be safe drivers on the road.
  • Anxiety or PTSD – For people who have driving anxiety, phobias and stress issues related to driving or riding in a vehicle.

3) Driver Evaluations

  • Corporate Drivers – As a matter of Occupational Health and Safety…are your employees really safe out there?
  • Elderly Drivers – Worried about the abilities of an elderly family member?

4) Shifting from Automatic to Manual Training and Instruction

  • Introductory Level – Learn the essentials in light traffic.
  • Full Control Level – The complete skill set to handle steep hills in busy city and freeway traffic – with confidence!

5) Advanced Driver Training and Car Control Classes

  • Car Control School – For every driver regardless of age or experience – This advanced program will make you a safer and more confident driver. For experienced drivers, we will upgrade your skills and address any dangerous bad habits.
  • Winter Car Control School – Learn skills that will keep you safe in limited traction conditions. We will teach you to drive safely on ice & snow.

6) High-Performance Driver Training & Instruction

“Shaun’s friendly manner puts you at ease immediately. His precise instructions and honest feedback make learning fun and quick.
His genuine desire to help drivers improve their skills is very obvious. My driving has improved immensely over the past 12 months. Quite a statement from a guy who has been licensed for 45 years. Thanks Shaun” -Andy Ball

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