New Uralist

Greetings everyone. My friend and I picked up her new (well it’s new to her) 2009 URAL Patrol 2WD on Apr. 2nd from Peterborough Salvage. We drove up in her car and with me being a more skilled rider, I was to pilot the Ural home to Toronto. This was also going to be my only chance to ride the bike for a while since I was scheduled for a major knee surgery the very next day. After messing around in the parking lot for a few minutes (while the paperwork was being completed) I hit the asphalt and took all the quiet back roads back to the city.

It was an absolute blast riding the Ural and although it was my first time riding a bike like this, I took to it quite naturally (admittedly though it was quite exhausting). Even now after my surgery, I smile every time I recall the experience.

Once we got home, my friend decided to take it for a ride herself. I was shocked however when she returned home just ten minutes later. Her first ride on the Ural was very unsettling for her. She had driven her car behind me for the two hours it took me to drive the Ural home and I made it look effortless. She didn’t realize just how much effort it took to ride it. Needless to say, she was very disappointed in herself.

With my surgery booked for the next day, there is no way I will be able to ride it again for a few weeks, nor will I be able to go out with her to help her learn how to ride it on her own. All I could do was encourage her to take the bike out on her own. I found a great pdf online that explained in simple terms how to ride a Ural, so I made her read it and last weekend, when the weather was nice, I talked her into taking the bike out and she did. She took it to a parking lot and spent some time practicing and once she was more comfortable, she spent a couple hours out on the road. Breakthrough!

With all she had read and the words of advice that I provided, she was able to overcome her fears and increase her confidence and skill and it took a couple days for the grin on her face to reduce a little. Yup…now she’s hooked.

She’s out riding as much as she can and I’m so very jealous as I sit here with my leg propped up for the next few weeks while I recover. Although as soon as I can…I’ll be back in the saddle! This summer will be filled with many camping trips with the Ural as well as attending a few local charity events. I hope to see some of you out there. 😉

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