Comments from some of my Clients…


“The in-class lessons were led by Instructor Shaun de Jager  who managed the near-impossible task of making an entire Saturday of learning FUN.  Think of the technical expertise of Lewis Hamilton presented with the deadpan comedic timing of Bob Newhart, combined with the physical hilarity of Rowan Atkinson, all delivered by a professional driving instructor and you’ve got Shaun de Jager.

To complement my program at the IRL Car Control School, I did two hours of highway instruction in my own vehicle with Shaun de Jager (instructor extraordinaire at the Car Control School).  In addition to being a classroom instructor, Shaun is a road safety specialist and professional driving instructor (oh yes, and an award winning race car driver) who also offers individual driver training for an entire spectrum of driving situations and needs.  Over the two hours of instruction in my car, Shaun focused on vehicle control with all instruction specifically tailored to my situation and needs.  Shaun provided me with a series of invaluable tips and tools to help me feel and be in better control of my vehicle.   These are tools which I now employ daily and which I’ll have for the rest of my driving days.  I now would see a potential collision in the making.  And I now would know how to react.” -Wendy M
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“Thanks to Shaun de Jager’s driving lessons, at age 51 I am finally a licensed Ontario driver! Getting my license was something I put off for many years because I did not feel comfortable with the thought of driving in Toronto, especially on our busy highways. Shaun has excellent communication skills and is very focused on teaching the much needed technical skills that will turn nervous drivers into more confident drivers. He also places a great emphasis on the importance of safety and has taught me to be a safe driver. I am thrilled at both the sense of accomplishment and the independence of being able to drive. I don’t think I would have gotten my license without his help. Thank you so much, Shaun!” -Julie J


“You are the Mike Holmes of driving. Making right what others have #@%$! up.”
-Len A


“Having just taken my senior’s cognitive test for driving, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Shaun de Jager and get his expertise on my driving skills.  He put me completely at ease and took notes during his evaluation.  He noted a number of issues that needed improvement, especially noting the importance of being aware of your surroundings by using all of your mirrors when driving.

I am working on my weak points and feel more confident driving.  For me this was a very positive experience which would benefit most seniors, especially with an instructor as experienced as Shaun.  I would be willing to take it again in 2 years time with hopefully improved results.”


“I’ve learned more from you in two hours than in the 10 hours I spent with my instructor from a driving school.”
– Minnie L


I am a senior who was returning to driving in Toronto after ten years of public transit use. I found Shaun to be  extremely knowledgeable  and professional. He listened carefully to my concerns; assessed my skill level and tailored his lessons to my specific needs and learning style. Shaun encouraged and challenged me to hone my skills to a level that made me a more confident defensive driver.  I’ll always be grateful for his help.”
– Pauline M.


“Shaun’s friendly manner puts you at ease immediately. His precise instructions and honest feedback make learning fun and quick. His genuine desire to help drivers improve their skills is very obvious. My driving has improved immensely over the past 12 months. Quite a statement from a guy who has been licensed for 45 years. Thanks Shaun.”
– Andy B


“Thank you so much for the awesome trailer-reversing lesson. I went into the lesson with a degree of fear and came out with confidence!  This was because of your skillful teaching abilities and encouraging, positive manner. Your instructions, with accompanying hand movements to represent angles, were clear and succinct and I felt that I was given the time needed to visualize and integrate them. Also, I appreciated your openness to questions and felt that you heard each one and took the time to answer with patience, ensuring understanding! Thanks again, Shaun, for a very successful lesson, taught with skill and humour! Who would have thought, that after one lesson, I would be backing the trailer into my driveway!”
– Louise H


“I had the opportunity of having Shaun as an instructor for an advanced driver training course I took with my ’11 Civic SI. Even with 25 plus years of driving under my belt, he introduced me to driving techniques which have made driving safer and were so easy to implement in my everyday driving. Shaun is very professional but most of all he makes it so much fun! I’m looking forward to more advanced training so I can REALLY drive my car in true SI fashion.”
– Jennifer L


“This is such a positive step to see someone with Shaun’s understanding and dedication to safe roads start a driving school that prepares new drivers for their MTO license. Every driving school should have such qualified instructors.”
– Ian Law, Founder ILR Car Control School


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