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More information emerges as SIU clears officer in passenger fatality

A few (very few) more details have been released by police about the Aug. 27 death of 40-year-old Ioana Bocunescu, the passenger who fell from a motorcycle as the rider fled police on the 401 in Whitby. In saying the officer who tried to pull the rider over has been cleared of any wrongdoing, police […]

When the shiny side doesn’t stay up

Most motorcycle accidents are single-vehicle accidents. It’s the nature of the beast: when you’re rolling on only two wheels, things happen and you sometimes fall over. Those who haven’t learned the ins and outs of push steering for cornering, particularly, often end up in ditches or worse. But in accidents between a motorcycle and a […]

Plea to Torontoids: Stop using me for target practice. Please?

Went down again on Nov. 2, after a woman zoomed out of a parking lot on Harbour Street to zip across three lanes to cut me off. That makes three crashes in one season after 20 years without a single crash. The difference? I’m riding in downtown Toronto a lot. In June, when a Pathfinder […]

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