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Three States of Mind for Drivers

  As a former race car driver, advanced driving instructor and Founder of, I constantly advocate that people take additional courses to learn how to improve their skills. Without a doubt they can be a lifesaver. I’ve often said that the greatest problem on our roads is a lack of skill and situational awareness, […]

Not an Accident

This was no accident and nor is any collision on our roadways. It’s time people start calling things what they really are. This was a ‘crash’ or a ‘collision’. Not an accident. What’s the difference you ask? An ‘Accident’ is something that is unavoidable and unforeseen. Collisions or crashes ARE predictable and therefore avoidable

When we go out on our roads, there is always a chance of being involved in a crash. Lets face it…it happens several times a day. Although…if they happen everyday, they are predictable. So how do you avoid them? Well for starters pay attention to your surroundings and road conditions. By keeping a careful watch on the vehicles around you, you are more able to spot certain behaviours that may lead to trouble. It only takes one person to not pay attention to create the conditions for a collision. However, it only takes one person who is paying attention to recognise those developing conditions and avoid them entirely. It’s a simple thing called ‘Situational Awareness’ but it’s something that is sorely lacking on our roads – especially among car drivers. The most attentive road users are motorcyclists and professional truck drivers. Both know full well that they must be well aware of everything going on around them and plan well ahead while navigating our dangerous roadways.

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