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Tire Talk – Beware of Your Spare

Time and time again, tow truck drivers are called to change someone’s flat tire. Now you wouldn’t think this is a big deal and it really isn’t…but some tow truck drivers see some potential safety and liability issues with that, especially when on the side of the highway and when your spare tire is a […]

Tire Talk – Winter Tires

The single most highly engineered part of your vehicle may surprise you…it’s your tires! No seriously…it is. Considering the season, I’m continuing my “Tire Talk” series with Winter Tires. The most common three questions I get asked all the time about winter tires are “How can I tell a Winter Tire from a regular one?”, […]

Is In-Car Technology Going Too Far?

In the last couple decades, the number of crashes on our roads has gone up drastically whilst the number of fatalities each year has fallen. You could argue that the increases in collisions are directly related to an increase in the number of vehicles on our roads, which to a point is true. The number […]

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