More information emerges as SIU clears officer in passenger fatality

A few (very few) more details have been released by police about the Aug. 27 death of 40-year-old Ioana Bocunescu, the passenger who fell from a motorcycle as the rider fled police on the 401 in Whitby. In saying the officer who tried to pull the rider over has been cleared of any wrongdoing, police investigators said that when a marked cruiser tried to pull the rider over, the rider instead “entered the westbound paved centre median, and accelerated out of sight.” If you look at a Google satellite view, the only thing that could be a “paved centre median” would be the left-side shoulder next to the cement highway divider. Here’s an aerial view from Google and here’s an eye-level view.

So, police are saying the rider evaded being pulled over by police by riding around traffic on the left shoulder? And then made several lane changes, which is when Bocunescu fell and was run over by traffic. Rashid Soujah, 37, has been charged with manslaughter. No word yet on a trial date.

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